safari expert

patrick Kamakia

Meet Patrick Kamakia, our Dutch-speaking safari expert at “Five” East African Safaris (EASA). Born and raised near the equator in Kenya, Patrick studied Tourism, Management and Recreation. After some years of experience as a clerk at various travel agencies in Kenya, he thought the time was right to get to know the real field work. His career as a tour guide had begun....
Many of his clients are tourists from Belgium (Flanders) and the Netherlands. It was clear to Patrick that knowledge of Dutch would be indispensable to do his job even better. Since he has a passion for languages, he wanted to master Dutch in addition to German and French.
Patrick, who is of course not afraid of some adventure, went to Belgium and followed a language course at the CVO (center for adult education) in Roeselare in West Flanders. In addition to the Dutch lessons, he was also immersed in Flemish culture, which is certainly an asset in the social contacts with his customers.
While he was staying in Belgium, he also followed a refresher course in Tourism Management Recreation at HOWEST and a course in Marketing Management and Business Management at HITEK in Kortrijk.
With this luggage in his pocket, he felt completely ready to organize safaris with expertise and to satisfy his customers.
At EASA you are in good hands!