Make your honeymoon memorable by seeing the Big 5 in the wild with our luxury safari and also enjoy the best pearl white beaches Kenya has to offer. These are just a small selection of the many possibilities Kenya has to offer during your honeymoon.

Luxury Safari

A safari experience in the most beautiful nature parks in Kenya! In the bush you spend the night in luxurious camps located at dream locations. You will enjoy an excellent culinary program and very personalised services.

Every day you make 2 safaris in the Amboseli reserve, Tsavo national park and Samburu. Of course, you will also visit the Masai Mara tribe. During this 8-day safari you will see many wild animals, if you are lucky the Big 5. It seems like a dream, but this dream can become reality during your honeymoon!

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Romantic Beach Stay

On the south coast of Mombasa is the kilometre-long fine sandy beach Diani Beach. The ideal honeymoon location for long romantic beach walks. You can take an excursion to Tsavo National Park or take a Swahili sailing ship to Wasini Island.

The city of Mombasa with its traditional bazaar is also worth a visit. Or you can go to Haller Park for a day. Haller Park has a fascinating flora and fauna, including hippos, giraffes, reptiles, turtles and many birds.

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